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Magic Mushroom is legal to cultivate and consume in Brazil

Before I get into this video, I do not condone or advocate for the use of illegal drugs in this video. I take magic mushrooms under the guidance of a professional to investigate the effects related to mental well-being in research over the decades. As well as at the forefront of many conversations today, magic mushrooms are illegal in most countries. My pursuit of knowledge is why I came to Brazil as it is legal to cultivate consume and sell magic mushrooms. Here when I envisioned a magic mushroom trip that was always in a tranquil setting, a kind of safe space vibrant colors free from all negativity but not yet in a scary forest crawling with all kinds of dangerous insects. Through what I’ve heard, it’s being threatened with a gun by four local trouble makers. The close call was probably the worst thing to ever happen during the height of a magic mushroom trip a month ago my childhood friend Peter called me Peter Stokes minis Stokes because everything gets him stoked. Still, not now, he had horrific news. the sudden passing of his mother he told me he had planted a seed on the not normal map about finding consciousness the greatest catalyst to it written then told me about the research he had been doing into the healing principles of magic mushrooms and that we could do it legally and Brazil with a God. I made a few calls to make sure it was all aboveboard and then booked him. My good friend keeper is the ultimate yes-man tough-as-nails for the heart of gold flight to a small seaside town called nerd Arceus in Sao Paulo Brazil to get away from the chaos and make sense of everything ever has happened. and if you’re still confused as to what does not normally show and feed idea is all about that cool I built this global map which you can find on not normal show calm where you plant a seed which is an unfinished idea in your city each week I choose a new seed I fly to that city and complete it with you.

The Magical Chemical

Welcome to my not-so weekly blog article. what is so magical about this mushroom firstly it isn’t a single mushroom they are over a hundred and eighty species of mushrooms that house the magical chemical psilocybin and when ingested converting into cinesín which classifies as a psychedelic by the DEA were lumped into the same category as Alice tea or other imagens. Magic mushrooms are unique because of an effect called Nero avalanching. What’s that you ask well imagine your brain as a large room where each major area is a different musical ensemble playing its tune we use different parts of the brain for different things throughout the day, essentially turning one in Samba on and off accordingly without chaos when so enters the brain. it’s as if all these different insane balls are listening to a single conductor, and in turn, they become unified, and a beautiful rhythm creates the newly forged Europe hot ways. the mind is profound; this causes a deep loss of ego and real attachment to nature’s offerings; it also assists with making sense of a terrifying human truth like the loss of a loved one in most countries around the world, including the USA, so listen is a Schedule One drug. It has been since the 1970s scientists grants the ability to research further into them in the early 1990s under the microscope over the last few decades magic mushrooms are considered the most harmless drug you can do way less harmful than the globally legalized drug alcohol. Psilocybin now cures depression and addiction to things that have affected my life over the past decade. but is this mushroom as magical as it makes out to be I was about to find out I’m going to be telling the story from the prison space in time yeah and my office in LA because I was only recently able to find clarity or make sense out of this entire trippy experience? after just receiving one life-changing highly profound voice message, therefore, I’ll start right at the beginning, so I flew into Brazil after Jacob and Fabio, who are ready at the house in the forest.

First Time Experience with Magic Mushrooms

We had one golden rule, which was to put all phones on airplane mode for the duration of the entire trip. which is any three years it’s not perfect little jungle home, to be honest, I was fearful of taking the mushroom at first, so I procrastinated for a couple of days by trying alternative methods to finding consciousness like yoga meditation and so well all being Iran and nature to focus purely on presence to be here. now I actually have that tattooed and then one day before we were about to leave mushrooms are here a man arrives and places with 15 grams of dehydrated magic mushrooms. its great man it’s great is that very trippy yeah dried mushroom, so it’s like ten times stronger than a fresh one it was cool how open and super chilled everybody seemed about it. It is funny how do you feel hurts be honest with you I’m pretty nervous a side they’d spit the shaman that came in to guide us through this entire experience didn’t want to be on camera, and that’s cool. so I’m not going to show him in any of this footage. He set us up in the circle and told us to eat all the mushrooms at once, which is five grams each, which I recently found out is one massive dose of magic mushrooms. I then set up a camera to record ourselves transitioning into this altered state of mind just to check-in it’s been about ten minutes, and I currently feel no different it’s bizarre for me to watch this footage of myself transcending into this altered state of consciousness. Nothing profound was happening until around the 30-minute mark the gates were.

The Effects of Magic Mushroom

I’ve been it wow I’m struggling to talk to the camera. I can’t look at the camera in its eye; it’s now been 30 minutes. it’s strange talking to the camera right now; it’s been 30 minutes, and I feel it’s now been 30 minutes. I think that things are taking full effect. I’m slowly everything began to vibrate and lag ever so slightly, so it is a little bit strange. was no way fearful or felt any negative sensation. Mostly I found everything highly entertaining and very comical keV and I decided to break away from the crew and walked out of the beach and a nearby forest. I have no idea why we did this, but it seemed like a fantastic idea at the time. That’s when something way out of our imagination has a group of young local boys started shouting at us and then this young boy started signalling and calling the others to bring a gun. now I have no idea if there’s some sick twisted joke to play on Gringo’s walking through a forest bent on magic mushrooms with heightened awareness. I’d never been surer of the fact that we were in huge danger. We then sprinted out the forest and made our way back home. we then showed the footage and told him what happened and with the strangest thing about all of this is that from the time that we had taken the mushrooms until now and it’d only been two hours. I still had about four hours of the psilocybin in our system we then sat down and spoke for hours about all kinds of profound insights and everything seemed to make much sense. eventually, we fell asleep the next morning. I raced up to Dubai to do a job, so I didn’t have any time to process anything. that is, of course, until now until I received this voice note from Jacob Oh dad itself. She said what a magical trip literally, and this honestly couldn’t have come at a better time for me obviously with my mom passing things have been tough. It’s felt like a big part of Bea’s been missing. Still, this experience has put a lot into perspective for my burn and the impermanence of human life and how it should be scary. It’s a beautiful thing. It makes you realize that you need to live through every moment of true connection with someone. I’m now celebrating the moments I was lucky enough to have with my mom, but not only that, the camaraderie the true connection we shared as mates. Just letting go of our egos and the Brotherhood that came through that is the ultimate catalyst to consciousness.

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