Sex on Shrooms

sex on shrooms

Sex on Shrooms: How is Sex on Magic Mushrooms

Our first trip ever on magic mushrooms in Canada was awhile back with a couple of good friends, and we split a bag of mushrooms. It was the middle of summer, and everybody was from Canada that we were travelling with had decided to take a gap year from there studying. We decided that it was a good idea to take it on a beach on a beautiful afternoon after lunch. We can still remember the feeling sifting through the grainy sand with our toes and fingers as if we were just born and discovering sand for the first time. Suddenly everything, in reality, all of a sudden, felt so novel with a touch of magic.

Does Magic Mushrooms Enhance the Sexual Experience?

If sand can feel this great, we cannot imagine how sex would feel on this. To be completely honest, we have never felt anything like this before, and we have never had sex in the shroom. Through the years of experimenting with other psychedelics, we have learnt that the key to having an ideal trip is dependant on our environment and who we are with.
From our very own experience with having sex on psychedelics comes from time to time, and every time it seems like it gets better and better. One time in Bali, on a rainy, stormy night in a tent was one of our ideal experience. We can hear and sense every raindrop hitting the canvas as we climax. Many people have told the same story and went through the same experience, and they all say sex on the magic mushroom is very dangerous because “you will fall in love” before we are ready.

How to Use Magic Mushrooms for Sex

People say like anything else magic mushroom will amplify sex. Psychedelics enhances what is already there, and it turns reality into dreams. Sex on psychedelics could be very “emotional or psychological.”
Psychedelics can be potent, and we should only consume a small amount at a time, which is called micro-dosing. Most importantly, have somebody we trust with psychedelic experience around to assist with our magic mushroom trips. Our very first trip may dig up trauma, depression or anxiety, which may lead us into a bad trip but with the right guidance.

Where to buy Magic Mushroom in Canada

Finding properly processed shrooms online can be quite the venture. At TFG, we can guarantee our quality with proper storage and secure and discreet shipping. All of our products are made for micro-dosing to make it easy to manage your doses. In addition, we include a small amount of ginger in every micro-dose to aid digestion and absorption to combat the naeuseas felling that some may experience.

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